*COVID-19 info & Updates*

We are now offering 3 outside visits a month to families. Please call Cassie Baez to schedule Nursing Home Outside Visits @ 307-322-7400 ext 605 and Amanda Obertal to schedule Assisted Living Outside Visits @ ext 608. Updated 7/17/2020.

We have sent out these letters to all families with the guidelines of future visits we are now able to do. Please if you are showing symptoms or have a fever above 99.9 we ask that you call and reschedule your visit for a later date.

We have sent out letters of consent to all families to allow your loved one to receive a free haircut from a member of our nursing staff during this time. Please be on the look out for those and call Andrea in Social Services if you have any questions or concerns.

Please use the resident number to get a hold of your loved ones. (307) 322-7436

Our Regional Ombudsman, Don Runyon, can be contacted with any questions or concerns at (307) 634-1010 or don.runyon1@wyo.gov

We now have access to FaceTime through Apple. If you have an Apple phone or IPad we can video call through that as well! Just schedule a time by calling or emailing Cassie Baez and schedule a FaceTime appointment. Please provide your Apple phone number or Email. Updated 3/27/2020

To download Skype go to www.skype.com on a computer that has a webcam or download the Skype app on any smartphone. Please create a free account. Once created schedule a time with us by calling or emailing Cassie Baez , please provide the resident you want to skype with and your skype email. Updated 3/24/2020

We are no longer allowing Out Patient Therapy to come in. Updated 3/17/2020

SKYPE Calls can be scheduled by contacting Cassie Baez at (307)322-7354 or emailing cassandra.baez@pcmnh.com. Activities Director will make sure if you have a scheduled time we will get you screen time with your loved one. Updated 3/15/2020

All Care Conferences will be by phone until further notice. Updated 3/13/2020

Here at PCLH our residents are our highest priority and their health and well-being is of the utmost importance to our staff. CDC has determined that the elderly population, those with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and people with heart disease are at a greater risk for contracting the COVID-19 virus and serious complications from the virus including potential death. Due to our residents being in the highest risk population we are implementing the following restrictions.

  1. Family/Visitors – restricted access with the exception of end of life situations or essential visits. These are determined on a case by case basis and only allowed with a significant issue that requires on-site visits. PCLH management and medical director will determine if access will be allowed into facility.
  2. NO children will be allowed in the facility during these restrictions.
  3. Outpatient therapy patients will be allowed to enter through PT doors only and must comply with screening questionnaire and allow temperature to be taken and logged prior to entry. Those with a temperature of greater than 99 degrees will be restricted from entry.

Staff will be following recommended screening procedures prior to coming on shift to protect your loved ones.

We understand contact with your loved ones during this time is very important for you and their well-being. Therefore we will be providing a means of communication via video to ensure adequate interaction, such as Skype or Facetime. If you would like to visit with your loved one via phone, we have cordless phones available. The phone numbers are 307-322-7359 (300-400 room) or 307-322-7361 (100-200 rooms). The main phone line to PCLH is 307-322-7400, the Assisted Living phone number is 307-322-7357.

We ask for your patience and cooperation during this time to ensure the safety of all our PCLH residents and staff. Again our commitment to keeping your loved ones safe is of the utmost priority to all of the staff at PCLH.

We recommend getting information about the virus from the CDC website (www.CDC.gov) or World Health Organization (WHO.int).